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May 13, 2011

Farmhouse in Germany, aerial photograph – @acediscovery

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Farmhouse in Germany, aerial photograph

I took this on a flight from London to Salzburg. Initially, I thought this was in Austria, but, as Salzburg airport is just inside the Germany-Austria border, it’s Germany. 

I did some searching on Google and identified it as a small townland called Felln, near a small town called Fridolfing in Traunstein, Bavaria.

I like the photo as it’s so very green and I like the pseudo-geometric patterns made by the fields.  

My favourite thing about flying is taking photographs out of the window – I have around 80 images on flickr – so I’m happy this is my “most interesting”. Seeing the world from above is a unique perspective, and it makes me realise that we’re very lucky to be able to see it. This image is actually pretty banal, but can give us hints about the geography in the area.

February 13, 2011

Veins 1 Britt Warg @Britt_W

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This was one of the hundreds of photos I took during a visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall. I had been there several times before – only used to live in the next county – but I’d never taken as many photos as this time. Maybe, because this time, I was in the company of two other keen photographers and we did nothing but go click click click… 
The Eden project truly is a celebration of life. Of plants, of seeds, of water and of the cells that make up…well – everything. I never thought this particular picture would ever top my “Most interesting” on Flickr, but for some reason it has.  
To me, this photo makes me think about our own role in Universe. Just, for a minute, look at an aerial photo of, say, the Amazon River. The river catchment looks just like the blood vessels in our own bodies, from arteries to capillaries. I think we are all just a little smidgen part of this endless universe, playing our own minute little smidgen role. We might not be big, but we are all needed, we all have our place and our roles to play. It goes on forever and forever and forever and forever and forever and…

January 23, 2011

#cons08 Tory women like their heels. 30.09.2008

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I’ve covered conferences for all the major political parties. In a very boring session I noticed that Tory women liked their shoes more than those of any other party. 

Colour on a grey day ♦

Imagine the scene: It was an unseasonally cool, drizzly and grey
August morning as I reluctantly made my way to work, for a meeting I’d
rather not have had. I turned the corner, into Birmingham’s Victoria
Square, and a strange vehicle stood before me. As I approached,
wondering what it was, some unseen engineer flicked a switch and it
burst into life, an electronic test-card equivalent of a Dutch tulip
field. Out of all proportion to its technically-derived,
creativity-deprived design, it lifted my spirits immensely; as well as
any masterpiece could have done. It fitted the moment perfectly. My
picture is exactly what I and my phone-camera saw. No adjustment was
made to composition or colour; only my disposition..

January 22, 2011

Albert Square in the snow

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This is Albert Square. No not that one, another one. Perhaps it's the famous one which makes it interesting. It's just round the corner from where I live, so the snow makes something very familiar both beautiful and alien. As a photograph, it's not special, just one of a million snowscapes, this one taken semi-randomly because my hands were so cold that by this stage I couldn't easily control the camera.

The picture is also a very still life. You have to look closely to see anything which would not have been in the same scene taken at any time in the last century and a half. Part of what the snow covers up is the details of modernity. But part of what it reveals is the tracery of the tree, transformed into monochrome.

Bali sunrise

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This was taken in November 1999 in Sanur, Bali. I got up at silly o'clock and I'm glad I did. I love the clouds. But most of all, I love the reflection of the boat in the foreground. Everything was peaceful.

December 9, 2010


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I like this photograph because it's telling a lie. The boy is Patrick, my boyfriend. He was trying to stop me from photographing him when he had just woken up, and we ended up wrestling for control of the camera. This shot snaps a moment mid-tussle, and yet he looks fast asleep, beautiful and calm. I think it's my most interesting partly because it's a pretty man in bed  (and there's a lot of favour for that on Flickr) but I like the background focus, the blurry eyed sleep feeling of it, and that it is a recreation of what I wake up to every morning.#

September 15, 2010

The Letter R

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This was taken after a good friend of mine had given me a loan of his Nikon D50, a DSLR camera. I was experimenting with DSLR as I wanted to buy one for myself but I didn't want to spend all that money without at least road testing a few models first. It's a rather large investment that your making in a small piece of technology.

I was just one of those things I walked into my daughters room as the sun was setting and it happened to be creating such a strong shadow on the wall with the letter R. Its the initial of my daughter's name on of the first presents she got when she was born. R for Rowan, as in the tree or the berry, not as in the Actor or the Archbishop.

I just thought I had to get the camera out. It was a perfect shadow to me, it's shape and definition. I was one of a few that I took of the shelf, all in the aid of experimenting with the settings on the DSLR. It such a great creative tool that after taking a few more photographs, I decided to start saving my pennies. It was something I had to have. The quality of the images compared to the point and shoot we have was almost night and day, and me being a novice at this. I was more than pleased with results.

Now my pennies are spent and I'm now waiting for my DSLR to be delivered in the next few days.  

August 1, 2010

Lewisham Carnegie library

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: , , , — Lloyd Davis @ 5:57 pm I’m curious that this photo is considered my most interesting at the moment – its not the most viewed by a long way, but I think its probably due to the low numbers of photos of Carnegie Libraries. I’ve been doing some research for a number of years now, trying to track down remaining Carnegies, and when possible, visiting them and photographing them.  At the moment, 5 out of my top 10 ‘most interesting’ photos (and I’ve loaded almost 1,000, covering all sorts of subjects) are Carnegies.

I do remember taking this particular photo, as I had discovered there were quite a few in and around Lewisham, so we drove around for ages following vague addresses and using a very old A-Z which had “liby” marked – usually close to the fold of the binding, and often down roads which had changed since the book was published. I don’t think this photo will always be at the top though, one I took very recently has stormed up to number 3, so I’ll keep checking! #

July 28, 2010

A man. A Mac. An audience.

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It was February 2010. It was Exeter. 
Normally, I am the one who travels to London for various Social Media events, but now the turn had come for Londoners to get out of the Big Smoke. All my London based Twitter friends were “going down to Devon for the weekend”, as they say in Wartime black & white films (without ever specifying exactly where in Devon they are going!). I had been to the first LikeMinds event the previous year and was looking forward to this one.

I hardly go anywhere without my camera – you never know what you might stumble upon! My (now pretty old) Nikon D100 is a great companion and for those casual Tesco shopping moments, I settle for my smaller ‘handbag version’. Events, conferences and tweetups present the perfect opportunity to capture amazing interaction between people and – if you’re lucky – you get some quirky details and craziness, too. Bliss. This event was no different.

At some stage during this LikeMinds event, the Macbook cover belonging to James Whatley alias @whatleydude was mentioned. Here, I wish someone could fill in the rest, as I honestly cannot remember who was on stage and how it all went. I only know that James, sitting somewhere in the front rows, proudly held up his mean machine and was rewarded with the *awe* of the audience – and rightfully so! I got a few quick snaps, but never had the time to adjust the camera so these photos came out very dark and grainy. (I need a better lens!) However, as it was a bit of a fun moment, I posted it on Flickr along with the other LikeMinds pictures. Little did I know it would end up my “Most Interesting” photo.# 
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