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June 26, 2010

I have broken my ankle (and no I can’t restore last night’s backup)

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For reasons unknown to me, the most interesting photo in my substantial Flickr stream is this image of my leg in plaster when I broke my ankle four years ago. I slipped on a shiny pink piece of Barbie clothing and then fell all the way down, landing on my ankle. My wife could not stop laughing despite the rapidly swollen nature of the ankle. I tired the usual male best practice solution, but after half a bottle of brandy it still hurt so the next day I went to the hospital and got some actual medical attention.

I wish I had never posted the photo to Flickr, to be honest, because even my most popular photos cannot knock it off its high stats perch. But it does serve as a reminder of my own human frailty, which is something I often forget. It is very hard to walk without legs. It also led to one of the most bizarre process-driven NHS experiences I have ever had (which is saying something) when I was refused a crutch that works for me because it apparently carried a risk of slight discomfort to my shoulders, and was forced to use one that made me fall over repeatedly in front of the nurses, who looked on sympathetically, but still refused to budge. I ended up buying my own.

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