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July 14, 2010

T’s Massage

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I’m not sure how this one has ended up as my “most interesting”. It’s not one of my personal favourites. But yes, there’s something I like about it. It was a lazy afternoon in Hoxton/Shoreditch (London, UK) and I was wandering with a Yashica TLR in hand – first time I’d taken it out for a proper wander since I’d got hold of it. I held my spot on the other side of the road for a good 10-15 minutes to get a clear shot without being blocked by passing cars. I think I was hoping to just get the building, but the woman walking past lends a sense of scale…


July 6, 2010

Posing at Tanya’s 18th Birthday Party

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It’s apposite that this one popped up as my ‘most interesting’ photo. I would argue that it isn’t actually my most interesting picture, but it is linked to Lloyd Davis, running this experiment, directly. It’s me and my friend Penny at Lloyd’s sister’s surprise 18th birthday party. We thought we looked the bees knees. My outfit is homemade. I’m not sure where the hat was from – I’m guessing I borrowed it from someone. The top is a sweatshirt that I’ve cut the edges off. I made the skirt and the neckerchief is an offcut from the skirt fabric. The belt was probably from Oxfam and I’ve hidden my acres of hair in the hat. I was also very thin. And I mean thin. I hardly ate anything. I was too busy to make mealtimes during the summer, I didn’t know how to cook and I was always busy with Youth Theatre, going out, seeing friends, making stuff. Way too busy to eat.

I can’t remember who took the picture of us. I’m guessing it was Fee or Lloyd. Penny’s posing. And I’m looking slightly pleased with myself in the picture I think. A quiet confidence almost. That’s because the surprise party totally worked. We’d all managed to avoid mentioning it was Tanya’s 18th birthday party – especially to her. This was all in cahoots with Tanya’s brothers, Lloyd and Miles, and the rest of the Swan Youth Theatre crew at the time. She’d been down at the Swan Theatre all day hanging about, not doing much. She was actually getting quite upset that her big birthday wasn’t being recognised. And then she got a message to come up to my house as I was really upset about something (I think that’s how the story went). She was pretty furious that she had to come and sort me out on her birthday with some emotional crisis or other. And then she arrived at the house and we were all waiting for her to throw her a party. She was thrilled to bits. And it was a good one from the vague bits I can remember.

Thank goodness for my parents going on holiday a lot and leaving me in charge of the house.

Happy days.

July 4, 2010

Minimal Movie

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I’m posting a flickr movie, hope it works. The movie was made and posted to Flickr shortly after Flickr enabled uploading of short movies, (under 90 seconds) in 2008. The ‘Minimal Movie’ video I posted has had a fair amount of comment, feedback and many views, and the video has been a catalyst for some good conversations about movie making. Last year I saw an advert or something like an ad. with exactly this point of view and framing, but done with a ‘proper camera’. I keep meaning to make more mini movies but rarely get round to doing it. 

July 1, 2010

Butcher, Castle Market

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I’m not surprised a lot of people don’t venture into markets. In an increasingly packaged, branded and sanitised world it can be a little uncomfortable getting close to the origins of what we consume. Butchers’ shops are a bit too raw for some.
It’s interesting that the people who tend to use markets most are those who can’t afford not to, or whose background or culture is less fastidious – old people, people with not much money, students, refugees, people who haven’t developed a distaste for anything messy.

I felt a bit self-conscious taking this picture but wanted something that told the story through the produce. And I wanted to check whether the old lens I’d picked up at a secondhand shop in Manchester actually worked…

June 30, 2010

Two nervous fellows

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This has been my most ‘interesting’ photo pretty much since I uploaded it almost four years ago. It is an interesting photo, but it’s longevity at the top of the list has made me tire of it a little. It’s as if I can never surpass this one image. The picture was taken with my first decent digital camera. It was fantastic to be able to capture images that were beyond my previous crappy little point and shoot. We had gone out to Richmond Park that day specifically for me to take pictures of the deer. It’s one of the few times of year that the deer are particularly approachable. But not these guys. There’s a lotta zoom and some cropping, too.

The caption reads:
I was stalking the deer when I came across these guys. They were very nervous. I managed to get a couple of shots, but something slinky and low went through the grass behind us (a dog/ a fox/ the beast of Bodmin?) and they startled and ran off.

One commenter, a commuter through the park, verified that he/she had experience of the mysterious critter that came past us, too. So, I’m not crazy, but I’ve never seen or heard it again.
This photo also represents a kind of personal freedom. I took this picture just before I got pregnant. We still go to Richmond Park, but not without the boy, of course. There’s no more sneaking up on deer softly, softly. And maybe that deer-in-the-headlights look neatly captures our preparedness for parenthood, too.

June 28, 2010

Somersault over Kits Beach

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This photo was only possible because of the incredible 3x optical zoom of the Nokia N93. Back in 2007 the N93 wasn’t so fast shot to shot for sport photography. So I set the camera to sequence mode and this was the best of the bunch. Sometimes you get lucky.

Then I uploaded the photo “live” over EDGE to flickr. Go live “photo-casting” go 🙂 Having a connected always-on camera has changed my life. I hope you have as much phone with your cameraphones as I did in 2007 and do today (35000 cameraphone pictures uploaded to flickr since 2004: ). Ah the glory days of Nokia cameraphones. Hope 2010 and 2011 with the N8 and the follow-on to the N900 bring those days back!

June 26, 2010

Wig of pink

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I took this photo quite recently at a friend’s house party. The
instructions were to dress bright and think neon. Since watching
Scarlett Johansson rock a baby pink wig in Lost in Translation, I’ve
wanted to try it myself. This was my opportunity, I loved it and I’m
so pleased Flickr does too.

N78, N82, N95, N96… Hut Hut!

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The two phones at either end of this foursome were both unreleased when this photo was taken. I was at a Nokia community event and I spotted one of the Product Managers at the bar minding his own business. He and I had chatted the month before at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (where the devices were announced) but no one else had recognised him.

I said hi and started grilling him about the new handsets; features, software etc… and he ‘just happened’ to have them both on him. Win.

No one outside of MWC had seen the handsets properly really, so I grabbed a couple of other phones and took a quick comparison shot. Which, via the wonders of ShoZu, I fired straight up to Flickr and BAM! Cue global nerdgasms… My own included.

That was two years ago. Today I work with Nokia and often get to play with (or at least see and discuss) the latest tech long before any kind of announcements, leaks or launches.

This photo makes me smile because it reminds me of the thrill and excitement I get when I encounter new mobile tech.

I am a geek. Through and through.

And I love it.

I have broken my ankle (and no I can’t restore last night’s backup)

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For reasons unknown to me, the most interesting photo in my substantial Flickr stream is this image of my leg in plaster when I broke my ankle four years ago. I slipped on a shiny pink piece of Barbie clothing and then fell all the way down, landing on my ankle. My wife could not stop laughing despite the rapidly swollen nature of the ankle. I tired the usual male best practice solution, but after half a bottle of brandy it still hurt so the next day I went to the hospital and got some actual medical attention.

I wish I had never posted the photo to Flickr, to be honest, because even my most popular photos cannot knock it off its high stats perch. But it does serve as a reminder of my own human frailty, which is something I often forget. It is very hard to walk without legs. It also led to one of the most bizarre process-driven NHS experiences I have ever had (which is saying something) when I was refused a crutch that works for me because it apparently carried a risk of slight discomfort to my shoulders, and was forced to use one that made me fall over repeatedly in front of the nurses, who looked on sympathetically, but still refused to budge. I ended up buying my own.

June 25, 2010

Woolwich Foot Tunnel

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It was boxing day 2004 and there were no trains into central London,
or anywhere else for that matter. But I needed to go somewhere,
anywhere, a bit further away from home. The plan was to go to the
Woolwich ferry but that wasn’t running either.

There are two old victorian foot tunnels under the Thames. One is at
at Greenwich, but this less well known one connects North Woolwich
with South Woolwich. If the lift isn’t working you go down a long
spiral staircase to get deep enough to walk under the river. Footsteps
echo nicely inside the resonating tube but this would be no suitable
pitch for busking. There are damps patches, drips and drains, mildly
alarming if you stop to think about it, and there’s time for that as
the halfway mark approaches.

Who are the three people up ahead? Better slow down a bit, don’t want
to catch them up in here.

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