Most Interesting

August 1, 2010

Lewisham Carnegie library

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: , , , — Lloyd Davis @ 5:57 pm I’m curious that this photo is considered my most interesting at the moment – its not the most viewed by a long way, but I think its probably due to the low numbers of photos of Carnegie Libraries. I’ve been doing some research for a number of years now, trying to track down remaining Carnegies, and when possible, visiting them and photographing them.  At the moment, 5 out of my top 10 ‘most interesting’ photos (and I’ve loaded almost 1,000, covering all sorts of subjects) are Carnegies.

I do remember taking this particular photo, as I had discovered there were quite a few in and around Lewisham, so we drove around for ages following vague addresses and using a very old A-Z which had “liby” marked – usually close to the fold of the binding, and often down roads which had changed since the book was published. I don’t think this photo will always be at the top though, one I took very recently has stormed up to number 3, so I’ll keep checking! #


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