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How to contribute

This copy of the original Most Interesting Blog is not currently open for new submissions. It is provided as an archive of the original site. Since was bought by Twitter the future of the service has been uncertain. So I put this here to make sure it was a little bit safer.

If I decide to revive it properly, I’ll write some new instructions here.

Anyone can send something to this site – but I moderate what gets published.
The process is this:

1. Log in to Flickr

2. Click on the search button at Top Right (this defaults to showing everything in your photostream)

3. Choose to Sort by “interesting”

4. The first picture is your “Most Interesting” click on that one to go to it’s page

5. Copy the URL for this pic – it’ll be something like and paste it into an e-mail

6. Sit and look at this picture for a minute. Think about when you took it, what was happening, the people or things in it, what conversations you’ve had about it, whether you like it or not, what it means to you, you know, reflect on it.

7. Now summarize your thoughts and reflections in a couple of paragraphs and put them in the e-mail after the URL. put #end to show the end of your post and avoid any auto e-mail signature being published too.

8. Send the e-mail to with the title of the photo in the subject line followed by ((tag: Your Real Name, @yourtwittername, plus any other tags you like)) – note the syntax: two round brackets then “tag” colon space then comma separated list of tags and two round brackets to close.

9. There will be a little delay before publication because I have to approve stuff, but sit back and wait for the admiration of your peers


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