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July 28, 2010

A man. A Mac. An audience.

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It was February 2010. It was Exeter. 
Normally, I am the one who travels to London for various Social Media events, but now the turn had come for Londoners to get out of the Big Smoke. All my London based Twitter friends were “going down to Devon for the weekend”, as they say in Wartime black & white films (without ever specifying exactly where in Devon they are going!). I had been to the first LikeMinds event the previous year and was looking forward to this one.

I hardly go anywhere without my camera – you never know what you might stumble upon! My (now pretty old) Nikon D100 is a great companion and for those casual Tesco shopping moments, I settle for my smaller ‘handbag version’. Events, conferences and tweetups present the perfect opportunity to capture amazing interaction between people and – if you’re lucky – you get some quirky details and craziness, too. Bliss. This event was no different.

At some stage during this LikeMinds event, the Macbook cover belonging to James Whatley alias @whatleydude was mentioned. Here, I wish someone could fill in the rest, as I honestly cannot remember who was on stage and how it all went. I only know that James, sitting somewhere in the front rows, proudly held up his mean machine and was rewarded with the *awe* of the audience – and rightfully so! I got a few quick snaps, but never had the time to adjust the camera so these photos came out very dark and grainy. (I need a better lens!) However, as it was a bit of a fun moment, I posted it on Flickr along with the other LikeMinds pictures. Little did I know it would end up my “Most Interesting” photo.# 

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