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June 13, 2010


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I’d been travelling around Japan by train after going to a friend’s wedding, and one of our last stops – a ridiculous detour, actually – before the grey megapolis of Tokyo was at Jigokudani Monkey Park, part of the Yudanaka Onsen natural hot spring high in the mountains near Nagano. Breakfast in the mountain ryokan had involved pickled locust washed down with regulation miso soup, so it was clearly shaping up to be an interesting day.

The monkeys are world-famous for taking over the onsen as their own, jumping in and out, strutting their stuff, pinching each others’ bananas, enjoying a well-earned soak in the medicinal waters, and, from time to time, becoming special friends. In the couple of hours I spent taking pictures of their morning routine, I saw maternal love, youthful rivalry, sibling affection, intergenerational strife, restful langour, friskiness, cheekiness and good old fashioned silliness, in faces just like mine.


Naoto Fukasawa Studio

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I’d never been abroad before, so if there is one country to pick for the first trip overseas, Japan was a great choice. It was part of the RCA Design Interactions course in 2007, taking note of the interactions within Tokyo. 

We did so many studio tours, this one is from the studio of Designer Nato Fukasawa.

My observation of their design studio? They where still using Mac OS 9 at the time.

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