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September 15, 2010

The Letter R

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This was taken after a good friend of mine had given me a loan of his Nikon D50, a DSLR camera. I was experimenting with DSLR as I wanted to buy one for myself but I didn't want to spend all that money without at least road testing a few models first. It's a rather large investment that your making in a small piece of technology.

I was just one of those things I walked into my daughters room as the sun was setting and it happened to be creating such a strong shadow on the wall with the letter R. Its the initial of my daughter's name on of the first presents she got when she was born. R for Rowan, as in the tree or the berry, not as in the Actor or the Archbishop.

I just thought I had to get the camera out. It was a perfect shadow to me, it's shape and definition. I was one of a few that I took of the shelf, all in the aid of experimenting with the settings on the DSLR. It such a great creative tool that after taking a few more photographs, I decided to start saving my pennies. It was something I had to have. The quality of the images compared to the point and shoot we have was almost night and day, and me being a novice at this. I was more than pleased with results.

Now my pennies are spent and I'm now waiting for my DSLR to be delivered in the next few days.  

June 9, 2010

Cuba ’07 Honeymoon

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This was taken on arriving in our hotel room. It’s the view from our balcony, we were on our honeymoon in Cuba. We’d been travelling for over 15 hours in a car, a bus, a plane and another bus. I we were a bit weary. However when we got to our room and pulled back the curtain to to balcony. I’d never seen anything like it before. A near deserted beach, white sand and beautiful blue ocean. I love this picture and every time I see it, it never fails to put a smile on my face. It was a great honeymoon, we had such a great time going round Cuba. The people and the places were amazing but seeing that view on our first day was just perfect. Happy days and there still continuing today. Great times.

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