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May 13, 2011

Farmhouse in Germany, aerial photograph – @acediscovery

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Farmhouse in Germany, aerial photograph

I took this on a flight from London to Salzburg. Initially, I thought this was in Austria, but, as Salzburg airport is just inside the Germany-Austria border, it’s Germany. 

I did some searching on Google and identified it as a small townland called Felln, near a small town called Fridolfing in Traunstein, Bavaria.

I like the photo as it’s so very green and I like the pseudo-geometric patterns made by the fields.  

My favourite thing about flying is taking photographs out of the window – I have around 80 images on flickr – so I’m happy this is my “most interesting”. Seeing the world from above is a unique perspective, and it makes me realise that we’re very lucky to be able to see it. This image is actually pretty banal, but can give us hints about the geography in the area.

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