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June 25, 2010

Woolwich Foot Tunnel

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It was boxing day 2004 and there were no trains into central London,
or anywhere else for that matter. But I needed to go somewhere,
anywhere, a bit further away from home. The plan was to go to the
Woolwich ferry but that wasn’t running either.

There are two old victorian foot tunnels under the Thames. One is at
at Greenwich, but this less well known one connects North Woolwich
with South Woolwich. If the lift isn’t working you go down a long
spiral staircase to get deep enough to walk under the river. Footsteps
echo nicely inside the resonating tube but this would be no suitable
pitch for busking. There are damps patches, drips and drains, mildly
alarming if you stop to think about it, and there’s time for that as
the halfway mark approaches.

Who are the three people up ahead? Better slow down a bit, don’t want
to catch them up in here.


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