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June 30, 2010

Two nervous fellows

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This has been my most ‘interesting’ photo pretty much since I uploaded it almost four years ago. It is an interesting photo, but it’s longevity at the top of the list has made me tire of it a little. It’s as if I can never surpass this one image. The picture was taken with my first decent digital camera. It was fantastic to be able to capture images that were beyond my previous crappy little point and shoot. We had gone out to Richmond Park that day specifically for me to take pictures of the deer. It’s one of the few times of year that the deer are particularly approachable. But not these guys. There’s a lotta zoom and some cropping, too.

The caption reads:
I was stalking the deer when I came across these guys. They were very nervous. I managed to get a couple of shots, but something slinky and low went through the grass behind us (a dog/ a fox/ the beast of Bodmin?) and they startled and ran off.

One commenter, a commuter through the park, verified that he/she had experience of the mysterious critter that came past us, too. So, I’m not crazy, but I’ve never seen or heard it again.
This photo also represents a kind of personal freedom. I took this picture just before I got pregnant. We still go to Richmond Park, but not without the boy, of course. There’s no more sneaking up on deer softly, softly. And maybe that deer-in-the-headlights look neatly captures our preparedness for parenthood, too.


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