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June 25, 2010

Parkour, Reigate style

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We'd only gone to the park for the kids to play on the swings. I'd spotted some lads flicking their bikes around on the skate park, and idly grabbed a few shots. Then they spotted the camera, and were delighted. (I suppose I was lucky DailyMailMum hadn't got to me first – as we all know, a paedophile's intent is directly proportional to the length of his lens.)

Turned out their big thing was parkour, and I gazed, entranced, as they started backflipping off bins, and spinning through the air, returning each time to me to see if I'd got a good shot (I tagged everything and told them where to find them later on Flickr).

Then this guy pointed to the hardcourt fence. "I'll jump off there, if you like." Erm, ok. His mate stood (at the right of the picture) looking nervously on. I had to make an instant decision on angle and dropped the camera as close to the ground as I could, lying flat. The fading autumn light was behind him and I knew I'd have problems with exposure on his body (I didn't shoot in RAW back then – all of 9 months ago – so correcting was a bit more limited) but it's turned out well as I like the more anonymous feel. Off he flew, the crowd gasped, the motor whirred, and there it was. Still one of my great personal favourites, and all down to chance, being in the right place, and not trying to plan too much.

(Keen-eyed readers will notice this is my second entry here – but this pic just got favourited again this morning, nudging it back to the top of my Most Interesting list. So there!)

June 9, 2010

Ashenden House: condemned

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It was a bitterly cold, but very bright, February day. Work was not going well. I'd come to a dead halt. Unable to unscramble complex things in my head. Things about the project. And other things. I'd picked up the phone to talk to someone who is a great help to me at times like these. He knows who he is (and may smile when he reads this). We thought the best thing right then would be for me to go for a short walk. I headed over the roundabout to the old flats to the east of Elephant & Castle. Deserted, boarded up, captivating. The light was harsh and blue. I crossed the footbridge heading back, missing my DSLR desperately. I took this photo with my iPhone from the bridge. An artist friend suggested I submit it to the Royal Academy's group for images of contemporary London. They selected it for their exhibition. Leaving me to explain why I had thousands of quids-worth of Canon kit but managed to get into the RA with an iPhone…

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