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February 13, 2011

Veins 1 Britt Warg @Britt_W

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This was one of the hundreds of photos I took during a visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall. I had been there several times before – only used to live in the next county – but I’d never taken as many photos as this time. Maybe, because this time, I was in the company of two other keen photographers and we did nothing but go click click click… 
The Eden project truly is a celebration of life. Of plants, of seeds, of water and of the cells that make up…well – everything. I never thought this particular picture would ever top my “Most interesting” on Flickr, but for some reason it has.  
To me, this photo makes me think about our own role in Universe. Just, for a minute, look at an aerial photo of, say, the Amazon River. The river catchment looks just like the blood vessels in our own bodies, from arteries to capillaries. I think we are all just a little smidgen part of this endless universe, playing our own minute little smidgen role. We might not be big, but we are all needed, we all have our place and our roles to play. It goes on forever and forever and forever and forever and forever and…


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