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July 6, 2010

Posing at Tanya’s 18th Birthday Party

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It’s apposite that this one popped up as my ‘most interesting’ photo. I would argue that it isn’t actually my most interesting picture, but it is linked to Lloyd Davis, running this experiment, directly. It’s me and my friend Penny at Lloyd’s sister’s surprise 18th birthday party. We thought we looked the bees knees. My outfit is homemade. I’m not sure where the hat was from – I’m guessing I borrowed it from someone. The top is a sweatshirt that I’ve cut the edges off. I made the skirt and the neckerchief is an offcut from the skirt fabric. The belt was probably from Oxfam and I’ve hidden my acres of hair in the hat. I was also very thin. And I mean thin. I hardly ate anything. I was too busy to make mealtimes during the summer, I didn’t know how to cook and I was always busy with Youth Theatre, going out, seeing friends, making stuff. Way too busy to eat.

I can’t remember who took the picture of us. I’m guessing it was Fee or Lloyd. Penny’s posing. And I’m looking slightly pleased with myself in the picture I think. A quiet confidence almost. That’s because the surprise party totally worked. We’d all managed to avoid mentioning it was Tanya’s 18th birthday party – especially to her. This was all in cahoots with Tanya’s brothers, Lloyd and Miles, and the rest of the Swan Youth Theatre crew at the time. She’d been down at the Swan Theatre all day hanging about, not doing much. She was actually getting quite upset that her big birthday wasn’t being recognised. And then she got a message to come up to my house as I was really upset about something (I think that’s how the story went). She was pretty furious that she had to come and sort me out on her birthday with some emotional crisis or other. And then she arrived at the house and we were all waiting for her to throw her a party. She was thrilled to bits. And it was a good one from the vague bits I can remember.

Thank goodness for my parents going on holiday a lot and leaving me in charge of the house.

Happy days.


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